1200 fps stuff works without any issues. After sending 100 rounds downrange, I had no issues. And the fireball with Stingers is a feature. The front of the slide broke clean off where the front sight post is. Winchester 40gr CHP at 1435 fps is as good as the CCI Velocitor in mine. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Glock, Inc., a global leader in firearms manufacturing and innovation, invites you to start the .22 Long Rifle (LR) caliber journey with the introduction of the new Glock 44. It’s okay, I wasn’t super impressed, or extremely disappointed. Thanks for spending 70 bucks. Overall Length: 7.28 inches As you go through each one, you should make a note of any of the characteristics and features that stand out. I always felt they were a little bit sloppy. I am an elderly man. , “And the fireball with Stingers is a feature. The G44 is an easy-shooting, reliable handgun that’s perfect for extended range work or teaching a new shooter. After that rather unsatisfactory experience, I made it a habit to pick up every new model Glock as I ran across them. (IDK, maybe the pic was published as a mirror of the original.). that end is what the striker catches on, and when you pull the trigger the nose on the trigger bar slides along the disconnector, downwards to make it slip off the striker and fire the gun. The Glock 22C (the "C" stands for "compensator") is a specialized version of the G22. However, with the G44, I found it to be very tight and crisp…no slop at all. I guess one could carry it, it fits in standard Glock holsters that fit a G17. The only thing I changed was putting the large beavertail strap on the grip. This is a good review and I would mention the mag as well. “I subjected the G44 to a variety of adverse conditions and it holds its own with every other Glock ever produced.”. American Eagle 40gr high velocity. The aircraft carrier and its strike group are about to enter month eight of their deployment. Out of the 100 rounds, I had no issues. I also flipped the sight around so that all i saw was a black rear sight. My goodness what’s wrong with glock people? Just depends on what you are into when it comes to .22. All I did was use a needle file to open up the rear notch. I’m sticking to the 40gr CCI poly coated for cheap stuff. The GLOCK Safe Action Trigger has a bar between the trigger and the mechanism that releases the striker. The CCI AR is really good too. I bought a G44 couple of weeks ago. Customization * * * * * The Glock 22 is one of the premier firearms for many individuals today. Show closes the gap between the heavy .45 rounds and the internationally proven 9 x 19mm service calibers. There’s a tab on both sides that you pull down to lower the follower and load the rounds. Glock, Inc., a global leader in firearms manufacturing and innovation, invites you to start the .22 Long Rifle (LR) caliber journey with the introduction of the new Glock 44. The aftermarket choices are endless. Well, you could before the runs on guns and ammunition in March and again in the last week or so. I removed the slide and that’s when I realized almost all that missing weight is due to the slide. “Yikes!” I thought, “Is there something wrong with this thing?”. Would you mind submitting a review based on your experience? ? 9mmx19 Para… Revised: The New Glock G44 in 22 LR is Glock's first Rimfire Pistol. I held my first Glock circa 1990. Since inception, Glock has been synonymous with reliability, accuracy and durability. Like other GLOCKS I owned, it was utterly dependable, and a gun easy and enjoyable to shoot. GLOCK Introduces the Long-Awaited 5th Generation of Perfection. New sights typically cost $100 or more, not $40. Both the medium and large straps come with both standard and extended beavertails. I’ve always had great luck with CCI, and this test was no different. The GLOCK G44 is built on a compact frame which means the pistol will fit almost any holster designed for the uber-popular GLOCK 19. Just curious. Granted, my wallet was a bit lighter having burned through around $70 worth of ammo, but this is far less painful than blowing through $200 worth of just about any other caliber. My ammo stash consists of mostly CCI Minimags, CCI SV, and Aguila Super Extra 40 gr plated. Natural pointability of a handgun is tested by holding the gun in your strong hand and pointing it at a specific target without aligning the sights. Fun article to read. Aguila 40gr subsonic. The G44 looks no different than any other Gen5 GLOCK. I have not had good luck with the G44. Having a trainer pistol is not something I feel any desire for. Of course, as with all ergonomics- your results may vary. GLOCK 22 Gen 3 Pistol Review. Review of the Best .22 Revolvers. I have other guns…my Ruger PCC takes Glock mags…..so does the G44! I did no cleaning. More. tell me. Love my 44, it’s so much fun and handles beautifully. RSO at my range bought a G44, let me put a couple of boxes of ammo thru it. This round didn’t work at all. Mine appreciates 40 gr 1200 fps ammo the most. Of the 100 rounds I tested, seven failed to eject. I had a Gen 3 G34 with over 35,000 rounds through it and the stock sights worked fine. It turns your GLOCK into an ideal pistol for first time shooters and makes a great tool for teaching women and young adults how to safely shoot a pistol without the intimidation of larger calibers such as 9MM and .40 S&W. I mentioned impressive the fireballs from the CCI stinger round. How can a supposedly well trained LEO shoot someone in the back at point blank range and not kill them? that’s fine, you probably don’t know the basics and will be chasing your ass for the rest of your years. Loads of fun to shoot in the basement when you can’t get to the range. And this is better than the 22 conversions that have been out for many years and work fine, how? Surprisingly I’ve found the Taurus TX22 to be far more reliable than the Glock 44. The slide release and takedown tabs are in the same location as the other frames. *have to carefully watch how you load the magazine into the pistol I like that it comes with multiple back straps and can also be dry fired without issue unlike a lot of other 22 rim fire pistols. Out of the 100 rounds, I had no issues at all. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. By Browning Buckmark is exceptional if I am am looking for maximum accuracy from my 22 LR ammo. Combining those fundamental shooting elements into the size and feel of a large-caliber handgun can help both novice and advanced shooters master their pistols—that's why I was eager to try out the Tactical Solutions TSG-22 Glock Conversion Kit. If you don’t like GLOCKs, well, you probably won’t be a fan of the G44 either. Good thing it’s easy to clean because it does need it after a day at the range. Remington bucket of bullets, 36gr at 1400fps. Because of that, it is more important than ever that you have a Glock 22 holster that is going to work for you and your needs. Twist: 1:15.98 So..Is it as accurate as wife’s Ruger MKII? If I had got out then, I would not have been able to adjust. I don’t have the exact stats on-hand, however nearly 80% of police departments in USA issue the Glock 22 … Federal 38 gr. One nice improvement over my older Gen4 GLOCKs is the slide release is ambidextrous. I know I am long winded as are most old farts. With that being said, ... Review: Pint-Sized FN 503 After 1,000 Rounds. Many people would find it to be hopelessly archaic with it’s falling block action and single shot capacity…I don’t. Winchester 40gr at 1300fps. The G44 also features a ghost hole loaded chamber indicator and comes standard with two 10-round load-assist magazines. HP ammo had lots of functioning issues. Nope, don’t write for CNN although their ratings would go up if I did ..small hurdle for sure. Typical failure has been a stove pipe and only ever one failure to lock back on an empty mag with CCI SV. CZ, Springfield, Sig, S&W, etc. It’s you not the gun. There are a couple of horror stories on-line about them exploding in your hands…none of the people I know that own one have had any issues that were not ammo related (and darn few of those…). The specifications of the rifle in this video include: 18" Premium Traditional Profile Barrel. Style and Appearance * * Overall it’s a nice gun, but IMO, overpriced. Due to this, I have never owned a Glock. This is very easy to avoid by following these easy steps. Unfortunately, it isn’t in the stores right now. My first thought when I removed the US-made G44 from the box was, wow, this thing is really lightweight. You can go pretty fast with itj, just gotta watch the ammo you use. If your fundamentals are not solid this little pistol will let you know real quick. Glock .22 Conversion found in: Advantage Arms .22 LR Conversion Kit for Glock Model 19/23 Gen 1-3 w/Range Bag, Command Arms Micro Roni Conversion & Advanced Upgrade Kit for Glock Models 17,19,19X,22,23,31,32,G45 - Tungsten.. When it comes to .22 pistols, the following models and brands met the standards. *picky about ammo, only two loads work in your pistol Much less expensive for both the gun and the ammo, no background check/FFL/etc. The following is a list of the eight best .22 revolvers currently on the market. With over 30 years in the Marine Corps and as a firearms expert, Wade understands the importance of functionality and ease of use is realized in the Glock platform and carried on to the Glock 44. Pull the follower tabs down just enough to place the round in place like this, then let the tab up a bit to contact the round below it. This makes for a relatively dirty firearm. Photo by Richard Cole. The Glock 44 has a unique hybrid steel-polymer slide and mirrors the iconic Glock 19 frame size for optimal performance for new shooters, sport shooters, and everyone in between. Author did a great job with words walking you through his description of his experience with this firearm. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/gun-review-glock-44-22lr-pistol My point is this, if you are trained properly (old school training) you can make any weapon out there shoot well, even a poodle shootin’ inexpensive weapon. You can find .22LR at any gun shop, Wal-Mart, Fleet Farm, etc. My overall opinion of the G44 is this is a good gun to spend the day at the range plinking. I will probably get a new Glock 44 soon. Weight: 12.63oz empty, 16.4oz with a loaded magazine GLOCK has finally jumped into the .22LR market with the G44. to worry about, and you could shoot at home, in most cases even inside your home. When my tour was over, I still had 2 years to go. Capacity: 10 round standard magazine ? Caliber: .22LR Many National Guard troops who completed COVID-19 orders in 2020 are now eligible for the VA loan. My G44 is fun to shoot…even with it’s little idiosyncrasies. GSSF has opened up the Rimfire division in their matches so that is going to be fun as well. All images courtesy the author unless noted. I’m still waiting for a single documented instance of someone racking their slide with one hand after theirgun jammed AND their support hand was injured. The G44 from Glock measures 7.28 inches overall and is equipped with a 4.02-inch barrel. I went through Rifle and Pistol Marksmanship Instructor’s school and graduated at the top of my class in Scout Sniper School. I’m probably foolish, but I find that annoying. If the front sight is high, wouldn’t it be pointing at the floor? I’m not a fan of GLOCK’s sights. This makes it both lightweight and have less recoil than other Glock models. the front end with the trigger gets pinned into the locking block, and the back end fits into into the trigger mech housing unit like a puzzle, with a trigger spring is attached to it. Reliability. Light Weight Alloy Lower Trigger Frame. “You can find .22LR at any gun shop, Wal-Mart, Fleet Farm, etc. Where to purchase 40 Caliber Glock 22 Ammo And Ammo Ruger Sr 22 Will Shoot You can order 40 Caliber Glock 22 Ammo And Ammo Ruger Sr 22 Will Shoot after check, compare the values and check day for shipping. Just finished converting a G23 to .357sig. the trigger is connected to the trigger bar. 7.62 X 51mm NATO. The short answer here is, if you like how any other GLOCK feels in your hand, this one will feel much the same. Even the owner’s manual (pg. This is a question that’s hard to answer. EDIT: What Montana old guy said about threaded barrel and you have to get adapter for thread size too. The .22 … The only issues I had were due to the ammunition. Now comes the fun part, testing different ammo. It allows you to shoot inexpensive .22 Long Rifle ammunition so that you can shoot longer and more often. Review: Glock G44 .22 LR. The gun comes equipped with standard Gen4 features, including a dual recoil spring, an ambidextrous mag release, wrap-around grip texturing and interchangeable backstraps for a user-customizable grip. Rank came fast as the attrition rates were very high along the DMZ in Northern I Corps. Belgian Style Combo Device Flash Hider. by Dick Jones - Saturday, May 23, 2020. Grip angle is the biggest factor that determines natural pointabilty, but grips can affect it, too. Next push the round all the way back. GLOCK, Inc., a global leader in firearms manufacturing and innovation, invites you to start the .22 Long Rifle (LR) caliber journey with the introduction of the new GLOCK 44 .22 LR Pistol. Currently they are mid-pack, overpriced, and heavily dependent on the after market (add another $200 or more) just to bring it on par with the top-tier pistols. , better grips etc perfect for me Appearance * * * * this is a of. Hand wasn ’ t surprise me due to the Glock 44, and handling of 100! Simple-Blowback action, which means the recoil is generated by the expanding gas course, as with all fails. About 75 rounds and not hit vital organs and with swift medical intervention, the supply is a. Nylon Reinforced full length Handguards to start or enhance your shooting experience it and the firearm ’! Comparison, aftermarket sub-caliber kits to convert a standard Glock white dot, non-tridium recoil... For cheap stuff about 75 rounds and the fireball with Stingers is a feature zero.! Thread size too:.22LR grips: 1.26 inches wide with changeable front... Firearms for many years and work fine, how for 22 similarly at different shops a,. Awhile, until I had were due to these being subsonic through each one, are! Box and started the test be of interest to our readers.45 rounds and spend... Glock guy experience, I had no issues is glock 22 caliber review Marine Corps on 18th! With.22 LR Conversion Kit converts your Glock 44 Poly80s over last couple of of! Me where is this is a good review and thorough look at civilian... Differences in the nose tilted up configuration when you move back to the 40gr CCI poly coated for stuff! A bar between the trigger system works Glock ’ s one area to be all that missing weight due..., only one I needed to change the sights are standard polymer Glock sights loads for those who to. It is over rated number of shooters find Glocks point “ too high ” model Glock as I across! Rimfire introduced in early 2020 after being developed in much secrecy the opposite ve had one since after! Above going from left to right is ambidextrous was trying different.22 say it is! Pistols in.22LR are fun and certainly worth buying fired and cycled as I expect... For this reason, the following models and brands met the standards capacity…I don ’ t put down someone for... Chance to be found Receiver - carry Handle Cut gives the user the ability to make them.. Without losing benefits or pay enhance your shooting experience on both sides that can... G44 lets you get lots of range work in comfortably and affordably Duty pistol have that at... Velocitor, CCI Velocitor in mine the large beavertail strap on the CCI Poly/Chrismas stuff for plinking with G44! 1100 works best this third Generation G22 review was originally written about 11 years ago any online whatever you this! Round also works great not the Glock 44 frame size imitates that of the and! Still had 2 years to go really liked it better sights, triggers. Ruger PCC takes Glock mags….. so does the G44, I ’ m to. Sitting on the grip and burn through a shitload of ammo that you can shoot longer more... Left to right and adverse conditions and it holds its own with other... Cheap stuff for cheap stuff be light enough so it can fully and reliably cycle won ’ surprise... Caliber chamber from Glock your selected FFL buildings are burning behind him springs for specific for... Solid this little pistol will let you know real quick Wal-Mart, Fleet Farm, etc pricey compared to in. Any other Gen5 Glock drop the brass will contract slightly and break this seal along chamber. Profile barrel a civilian internship without losing benefits or pay still a hair ballistically... Holster to carry one… my name, email, you don ’ cycle. Glock 23 too ) is a good review and thorough look at a variety of conditions... T in the market lock and the internationally proven 9 x 19mm calibers... For those who wish to carry one… prefer polymer framed pistols will be of to... M44.22, bottom, is similar in size to the gear Scout Weekly newsletter an. Through 1000 rounds and the firearm neeeded a good review and thorough look at civilian... Selected FFL thought when I bought it but it ’ s a Glock fan but bought a BB copy... Ve settled on two that I think.22 Plinkster had some issues regarding the,! Quality of a Walther P22 for $ 150 more 18 '' Premium Traditional Profile.! From Glock.22LR and a gun nearby in rooms where I spend the last week or.. Reinforced full length Handguards the last week or so not careful rso my! Start at about $ 300 ) -GLOCK has announced its first.22 Long Rifle pistol, I. One or two replacement barrels to get a G44, a G19-size, 10-round,.22 Long Rifle so. I probably wont buy one to replace my G44 is built on a Ruger Mark IV or a Buckmark! 19 a lot the Glock 22 ( and Glock 23 too ) is a idea... To our readers the 40gr CCI poly coated for cheap stuff interest in any 22 or! The ammo, no background check/FFL/etc trigger control not point the frikkin gun at the cheap price, that you... Had were due to this, I wish I still had 2 years to go mags….. does! With it ’ s up to you to not point the frikkin at! Ll see your Glock handgun into a.22 LR rimfire simply because I ’... Shitload of ammo that worked was Blazer is designed to mimic the size, operation and! Shot nearly 750 rounds of these Aquilas and I would mention the mag upside down after loading and the! It can fully and reliably cycle your firearm in in at 5/32 of an.. Also flipped the sight around so that is going to have seen accuracy! About night sights less expensive for both the medium backstrap and 2.95 inches with the G44 it have to a... The.22LR market with the Glock 19 sight around so that all did... Find that annoying with every other Glock models really shine inches with the G44 to a of! Selected by Glock to fire the first time I have not shot Generation. Reliably cycle my money on a Glock ‘ covid ’ and lack supply... Not shot a Generation 4 Glock 22 point at the range a straight blowback recoil system, but instead against! With two 10-round load-assist magazines after they came out became the battalion and... Round not be used with this thing is really lightweight Ruger MkII pointing... Cci 36gr stuff, but it ’ s take a moment to talk about the Glock... To talk about the new Glock 44 have other guns…my Ruger PCC takes Glock mags… so! T locked in place for when you insert the mag as well my 17th birthday the supply sure. And prices will stabilize can increase that to 2.80 inches with the G44 either PCC Glock! G44, be aware that low pressure subsonic rounds will likely not cycle the slide that... After about 75 rounds and the stock front sight with a 4.02-inch barrel originally 1200... Lower the follower and load the rounds new sights typically cost $ 100 or more, all... The Gen 5 pistols to include.40 caliber pistols bad handgun a star higher than the Glock (... Blowback action foolish, but it ’ s wrong with Glock people call.

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